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Opal Anchel -
Certified Parenting Coach

After a decade of education in child development focused on behavioral modification I realized, while implementing what I learned, something didn't feel right.  The approach I was taught in the pursuit of having my child "first time listen" and appear respectful came at a high cost.  It created a disconnect in my relationship with my child and overall in my home. Something had to change before it was too late. I dove deep into a new approach for the same goal and discovered, there is another way.


I invite you to join me as I guide parents in what I learned. You can have the relationship you've always envisioned with your child. You, and your home, can feel more peaceful, joyful, and harmonious.


We will explore new ways to communicate your needs and express feelings in the way your kids will hear you.  As we change, I promise, everything changes for the kids.

Opal Anchel Certified Parenting Coach
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